Planning & Development

Land Development

Terracle Private Limited civil engineering staff has a unique blend of expertise and innovative problem solving skills within land development. We strive to meet our client’s needs within the framework of existing regulatory requirements, and in the most cost efficient engineering manner possible. The following are the services we provide related to land development:

  • Preparation of Topographic Survey Maps and Earthwork Calculations.
  • Preparation of Tentative Maps and Site Plans.
  • Preparation of Record of Surveys, Final Maps and Parcel Maps.
  • Preparation of Boundary Maps.
  • Preparation of Grading and Precise Grading Plans.
  • Design and Improvements to Water Distribution Systems, Sanitary Sewer Collection System and Storm Water Collection Systems.
  • Street Improvements, including street design, curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways and assistance with design of dry utilities.
  • Retaining Walls, concrete and concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls.
  • Construction Staking.
  • Preparation of Fugitive Dust Control Plans. PM-10 plans.